Orange Blossom Soy Candle

Orange Blossom Soy Candle


Pure soy wax candle hand poured here in Totnes by Ochre & Flax.

Floral orange oils, from bergamot to petitgrain and bitter orange, are underpinned with heady lavender and shot through with the zingy freshness of lime.

All of the citrus scents (bergamot, orange, lime) are said to be uplifting, reducing tension and stress related conditions, while the lavender lays claim to being the most renowned essential oil for soothing and calming.

120ml pure soy wax candle, cotton wick and 100% pure essential oils (bergamot, orange, lavender, lime, petitgrain) . Glass amber jar with black lid.

Burn time: approx 20-25 hours.

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